This is a general guide for our performance products. Some products may be included in two or all categories, but please be aware that the categories are our honest assessment of who should buy the product. If we say race we mean race!


This product is aimed at pure race applications; you would normally trailer this car to the circuit. This product may also require higher levels of inspection and maintenance. Products in this category carry with them the possibility of needing to modify other areas of the car, for example an engine modification may require a new clutch to handle the power. As you would expect, products in this category will be some of the best you can get and as we all know quality does not come cheap, you may well find similar products in the track day or fast road section which will meet your needs without the price tag.

Track day

This product is designed so you can drive the car to and from a circuit. Really hard core drivers may choose to use it regularly but we would not expect it to be your everyday car. In some cases it will be pushing the limits of other components.

Fast Road

This product is designed to be used everyday with all the comfort you would expect from your 4C, service life of it and other components related to it will not be affected.