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VAT Reg No Tax Date Invoice Number
676948269 20/09/2018 73859
Invoice To
Model156 2.5 V6 Automatic Saloon
Chassis No
Service Description/PartQuantityRateAmountVAT
Hire Car0.0678.005.000.83
Investigate and repair air con not working, found piece of metal stuck in cigarette lighter socket, this was shorting out and blowing the air con fuse 1.0078.0078.0013.00
Wax oil and under seal floor pans and all underside of car 2.0078.00156.0026.00
Totals 239.00 39.83

We use only Alfa Romeo genuine, recommended or OEM parts.
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Account Name - Jamie Porter Ltd
Account Number - 00677370
Sort Code - 30-97-16

Paid by Card:    £239.00
26/11/2021  76,996 miles   Handbrake cables outer casing deteriorating
  - Urgency:
09/02/2023  86,061 miles   Slight play in offside upper wish bone bush
  - Urgency: Green
09/02/2023  86,061 miles   Front disc have corroded edge
  - Urgency: Green
09/02/2023  86,061 miles   Offside rear wheel buckled on rim
  - Urgency: Amber
23/01/2024  96,316 miles   Engine light is not on but has one error - Cleared and not returned.
  - Urgency: Green
23/01/2024  96,316 miles   Front disc worn and corroded pads are like new 10mm
  - Urgency: Amber
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