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VAT Reg No Tax Date Invoice Number
676948269 30/07/2019 81620
Invoice To
Model146 2,0 Twin Spark
Chassis No
Service Description/PartQuantityRateAmountVAT
Engineers Report (overall vehicle condition)1.0084.0084.0014.00
Hire Car0.0684.005.000.83
Squeak when changing gears from 1st, 2nd and 3rd - Unable to hear on road test.0.00
On cold start the car is a little sluggish and misfires - Self adaptive parameters above limit, will require further investigation 0.00
Wipers are very slow and sometimes get stuck - Mechanism or motor fault, will require stripping down to further investigate 0.00
o.s.f window sometimes pops out of the channel when about 3 1/4 up, suspect regulator/motor fault, will require door card removed to further investigate 0.00
Totals 89.00 14.83

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Paid by Card:    £89.00
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   All indicator bulbs discoloured
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Front wipers worn
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Rear washer jet not working due to split/leaking pipe in boot
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Head light washer pump seized and not working
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Brake fluid +4% moisture
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Both front tyres @ 4 mm, feathering on inner edges, o.s.r tyre @ 3 mm, n.s.r tyre @ 2.5 mm
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Both front flexi brake hoses perished/cracked
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Balancer shaft oil seal leaking
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Rear brake pads approx 6 mm, discs worn/pitted/glazed
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Both front anti roll bar links require replacing
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Both front wishbone bushes worn/deteriorated
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Front brake discs pitted/galzed, pads approx 10 mm
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Oil leaks from rear main oil seal and sump, sump has been removed at some point
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Exhaust rubber mounts deteriorated/perished
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Heavy corrosion on floor pans, front subframe, rear trailing arms and boot floor etc, n.s sill to floor has a 30 cm section corroded through
30/07/2019  119,108 miles   Fuel tank fixing straps highly corroded and weak