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VAT Reg No Tax Date Invoice Number
676948269 26/07/2019 81541
Invoice To
ModelAlfetta GTV GTV6
Chassis No
Service Description/PartQuantityRateAmountVAT
MOT Test0.00
- MOT Test 1.00 54.85 54.85 3.31
Replace n.s stop and tail 0.00
- Bulb 1.00 0.48 0.48 0.08
Supplied and fitted a new centre with flexi sections and rear exhaust system1.0084.0084.0014.00
- exhaust 1.00 504.00 504.00 84.00
Stripped, cleaned and freed off rear brakes 1.0084.0084.0014.00
Adjusted idle speed as too high 0.00
Traced air con issue to corroded/resistance on terminal, cleaned and rectified 1.0084.0084.0014.00
Totals 811.33 129.39

We use only Alfa Romeo genuine, recommended or OEM parts.
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Paid by Card:    £811.33