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VAT Reg No Tax Date Invoice Number
676948269 29/03/2016 54952
Invoice To
ModelGiulia Spider 1600 Giulia 1600 Spider
Chassis No
Service Description/PartQuantityRateAmountVAT
MOT Test0.7375.0054.809.13
Carry out Annual Service and overhaul rear brake caliper3.5075.00262.5043.75
- Oil Filter 1.00 8.40 8.40 1.40
- Oil Engine 5.50 29.41 161.75 26.96
- CALIPER SEAL KIT REAR 1.00 13.80 13.80 2.30
Speedo has failed again, Jamie has soldered this a few times 0.00
o.s door locking mechanism linkage does not seem to work very well and does not always lock/unlock 2.0075.00150.0025.00
Please make sure steering column is secured as known issue that they fall off see print out in car 0.00
Will collect Tuesday after Easter 0.00
Totals 651.25 108.54

We use only Alfa Romeo genuine, recommended or OEM parts.
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Paid by Card:    £651.25
20/03/2015  167,981 miles   Very slight play in steering box
20/03/2015  167,981 miles   Slight oil weeps from steering box and gear box
03/04/2017  170,460 miles   Clutch bite low
03/04/2017  170,460 miles   slightly crunchy into 1st and reverse
14/03/2018  171,772 miles   o.s.f flexi brake hose starting to perish
14/03/2018  171,772 miles   o.s.f outer castor bush has slight play