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VAT Reg No Tax Date Invoice Number
676948269 22/10/2015 52453
Invoice To
ModelGTV 3.0L
Chassis No
Service Description/PartQuantityRateAmountVAT
Supplied and fitted Osram Night Breaker upgraded headlight bulbs 0.00
- Bulb 1.00 40.80 40.80 6.80
Rectified washer jets not working 0.1770.0011.671.94
Replace intake pipe, as supplied by customer.0.2570.0017.502.92
Secured battery cover in boot0.00
Adjusted bonnet plunger as not touching micro switch 0.2570.0017.502.92
Plastic panel behind passenger seat belt loose, Refitted 0.0870.005.830.97
Refitted n.s .f wheel arch liner 0.3370.0023.333.89
Removed o.s exhaust pipe and refinished cut out 0.5070.0035.005.83
Replace font brake discs and fit customers brake pads 1.0070.0070.0011.67
- Brake discs 1.00 153.60 153.60 25.60
Totals 375.23 62.54

We use only Alfa Romeo genuine, recommended or OEM parts.
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Paid by Card:    £375.23